Why Should I Get Certified


Launched in 2008, the PMC Certification Scheme is a structured certification scheme that ensures a consistent quality of certified management consultants in Singapore. It is designed to raise the professionalism of the management consulting industry, and to promote the PMC designation as a mark of quality assurance.

Each management consultant is rigorously assessed by the PMC Certification Board before he is certified as a Practising Management Consultant. The PMC designation is therefore a formal endorsement of the individual’s professionalism and integrity, and is a testament to his or her competency and reliability.

The PMC Scheme therefore:

  • helps SMEs and other stakeholders to identify Practising Management Consultants who are qualified, competent and credible;
  • builds a critical mass of competent management consultants to serve SMEs; and
  • facilitates high growth of SMEs and enhances their competitiveness in the industry.


To further assist SMEs in identifying and engaging certified management consultants with appropriate expertise, the PMC Scheme is expanded beyond certifying competencies in generic consulting skills to include knowledge and skills in specific domain areas.

Both the PMC Certification Board and the PMC Scheme have the full support of SPRING Singapore, Workforce Development Agency (WDA), Intellectual Property of Singapore (IPOS) and others.


Leverage the prestige and privileges of becoming a PMC

  • Earn a professional title:
    Gain the privilege of using the professional PMC designation after your name. Synonymous with sincerity, reliability and trust, the PMC title along with Singapore’s strong branding, will add weight to overseas pitches for consultancy projects.
  • Drive your professional standing:
    In a competitive market, the PMC certification is a testament to your experience, competencies and professionalism as you strive to make your mark on the local business landscape.
  • Enhance you profile:
    Raise your public profile among SMEs and other potential clients. Your PMC status and specialisation will be published on the SBACC website and in promotion of the PMC Scheme in marketing materials. Companies that approach government agencies for recommendations of management consultants will also be referred to SBACC’s list of PMCs.
  • Be eligible for government incentive schemes:
    The PMC certification is a pre-requisite for access to many government incentives schemes which, as a PMC, you are eligible to tap on to better serve your clients.
  • Attain professional liability insurance coverage:
    All certified PMCs will be insured against professional liability.
  • Expand your network:
    Attend courses, seminars and conferences organised by SBACC and its partners where you can network and share best practices with each other, while discovering the latest developments in management consulting and industry trends.