Senior PMC

Education Minimum diploma
Consulting Experience
  • 8 years or more in business consultancy
  • 3,000 or more consulting hours in the last 3 years
Consultancy Projects Detailed written description of 3 or more recent projects outlining the client business situation, the specific proposed solution, including diagnosis of the issues, identification of options, and definition and justification of the proposed course of action. These will be used during the oral presentation. Applicant must also provide client's contact information for verification of project undertaken..
Engagement Size Of
Cited Project(s)
Size of at least one engagement must minimally be above $1 million (in terms of project value) while it must be above $500K (in terms project value) for every other projects.
Client and Other 3rd Party References Provide 5 clients or third party references for the 5 recent projects undertaken. For SPMC and FPMC, applicants are to submit 5 client testimonials outlining the nature, period, and impact of the project and the role of the consultant.
Competency Applicant has to undergo the review panel to be assessed on their professional competency, ie. basic consulting skills as well as their domain area expertise.
Ethics A qualifying written assessment and oral presentation on the PMC CB’s code of Ethics and ethical aspect of consulting.
Recommendation By review panel and endorsed by PMC-CB.
Validity Recertification every two years based on meeting CPD requirements.
Certification Fee
Re-Certification Fee
Fee Per Module


  • With effect from 1st January 2014 (Valid for two years).
  • Fees are inclusive of 7% GST.


Documents Required

You are also required to submit the hard copies of the following supporting documents to Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council (SBACC):

  • Copies of the completed and signed application form;
  • Copies of your resume or CV;
  • Copies of photo identification (e.g. NRIC, FIN Card, Passport, etc.)
  • Copies of educational and professional qualification certificates;
  • Copies of project materials (e.g. proposals, reports) listed in the 'Assignment Details and References' section of your application form.

Please note that you will be required to produce original copies of the above supporting documents for verification. You are also required to make a payment of $2,247.00 payable to Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council Limited at 2 Bukit Merah Central #18-03, Singapore 159835, upon making an application.

Training And Examinations

Once you have obtained the interview result, you will be scheduled to attend training on PMC Modules and to sit for written assessments.

For any last minute changes (e.g. unable to attend the scheduled training or written assesments), you will be required to inform SBACC and request for deferment, in writing, at least 3 working days before commencement of your training or written assessments.

Informing of any last minute changes within 3 working days before the commencements of training or written assessments will constitute in forfeiture of fees paid. For any deferments, you are also required to make a re-registration for next intake.

Deferments are only allowed for a maximum of 3 times of which fees paid will be forfeited should you exceed the maximum number allowed. For written assessments, you will need to ensure that payment for the re-scheduled examination is made at least 7 working days before the actual date of the next examination intake.

All written assessments will be conducted at SBACC Examinations Office and the duration for each written assessment (comprising of multiple-choice, short and long questions) will be 90 minutes. You will need to attain at least 70% score to pass the examinations.

Do note that all applicants must complete their required trainings and pass written assessments within 1 year of his/her application. For more information on the training dates for the PMC Modules and written assessments, please click here.

Certification Process


For interested new applicants, please fill up the application form. Kindly ensure that you have read and met the pre-requisites for each level of certification before submitting your application.

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